BONTAC Supply Chain Service OEM/ODM

Direct supply of high-quality raw materials

* Exclusive Bonpure seven-step purification technology with high purity (up to 99.9%)

Exclusive formula customization

* Customization services for personalized formula based on scientific research strength

Strong research and development team

*Ten years of research and development experience

Patent grade raw materials

*More than 170 global patents for raw materials

International advanced production equipment

*High product quality & Sufficient production capacity

Global factory

* BONTAC factories around the world

AboutBontac Supply Chain Business Department

BONTAC supply chain division, based on Bontac R&D and industrialization advantages, integrates global resources and provides custom­ers with one-stop solutions for formula design, production and manufacturing, and brand incubation of various nutritional products and cosmetics.

Our Qualification

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