BONTAC Shines at CPHI China: Dr. Zhang Provides Insight into the NMN Industry

BONTAC Shines at CPHI China: Founder Dr. Zhang Qi Provides Insight into the Future of the NMN Industry

On June 19-21, 2023, the 21st World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPHI China) in conjunction with the 16th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (PMEC China) concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. BONTAC made a spectacular appearance with various coenzyme and natural product raw material products.

BONTAC Stands Out at CPHI China, Captivating Industry and Public Attention

As an early exhibitor at CPHI China, BONTAC has nearly a decade of participation history, during which it has engaged in in-depth exchanges and collaborations with well-known enterprises worldwide. Through comprehensive services ranging from product development to market sales, BONTAC has won customer recognition with high-quality products and services, while showcasing its unique charm to exhibitors worldwide. In the process of continuously enhancing its visibility and brand influence, BONTAC has also promoted the company's international development.

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At the exhibition, BONTAC attracted extensive attention and interest from customers at home and abroad. The company’s booth was teeming with visitors, and many intentions for cooperation were realized at this exhibition. All of this is attributed to BONTAC's outstanding product quality and excellent brand service.

BONTAC Founder Dr. Zhang Qi Invited to Analyze the Development and Future of the NMN Industry

As the founder and chief scientist of BONTAC, Dr. Zhang Qi was invited by CPHI to deliver a keynote speech at the "NMN Industry Special Seminar". In his speech, Dr. Zhang reviewed the development process of NMN and specifically mentioned a study published by Professor David Sinclair's team at Harvard University in the authoritative academic journal Cell. The study showed that mice returned to their youth after injection of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). Notably, the NMN raw material used in this study originated from BONTAC. Dr. Zhang also provided a deep interpretation of NMN regulations and policies worldwide and gave precise insight into the market prospects of NMN. The venue was packed, eliciting a warm response.

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BONTAC, as a pioneer facing the current development situation of the NMN industry, has actively sought and achieved multiple breakthroughs. Dr. Zhang pointed out in his speech: "Though many things change, the principle remains the same. The core substance for NMN to work is NAD+. Despite the many challenges NMN faces, it also brings new development opportunities for other members of the NAD family, such as NADH and NMNH."

BONTAC: Promoting Synthetic Biology Technology Through Innovation and Collaboration, Helping to Build a Better World

BONTAC is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, and sales. It centers around synthetic biology technologies such as biological enzyme catalysis, with the main products being a series of biosynthesized coenzymes and natural products.

BONTAC has always insisted on independent innovation, continuously increasing technological research and development investment, refining processes, and introducing talents to empower high-quality industries with technology. To date, it has applied for over 160 domestic and international invention patents, has a rich enzyme library, and has mastered the Bonpure seven-step purification technology and unique crystal form technology. Utilizing freeze-drying technology, BONTAC strives to make products with higher content, higher conversion rate, more stable quality, and higher solubility.

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As a company with the world's first all-enzyme technology, we join hands with our partners to innovate and promote the green and healthy development of the synthetic biology industry. We bear in mind to maintain the human and Earth home. At BONTAC, we believe that through innovation and cooperation, we can achieve a more resilient world. BONTAC continues to contribute its strength and commitment to creating a better life!

BONTAC's dedication to innovation and its strong presence at the CPHI China demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of the NMN industry. By positioning itself as an industry leader and a trusted partner, BONTAC looks forward to supporting and participating in the exciting evolution of this critical field.

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