Bontac debuted at HNC: Synthetic biology of NMN

Bontac Debuted at HNC CHINA: Synthetic Biology to Promote the Development of the Health and Nutrition Industry of NMN

On June 19-21, 2023, the 13th Health & Nutraceutical China(HNC) held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center concluded successfully. HNC, as a landmark brand event in the field of health, shared 150,000 square meters of exhibition space, attracted over 1,800 exhibitors from home and abroad, held more than 70 professional forums. The event draw 100,000+ professional visitors. As a synthetic biology enterprise at the front end of the health and nutrition products industry chain, Bontac presented its core products NMN, NADH, ginsenoside RH2 and steviol glycoside raw materials at booth 3L10.

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Bontac: Synthetic Biology Focuses on Health Nutrition Products Industry Development

With the end of the post-epidemic era, more and more people are focusing on personal health. The emergence of this phenomenon also requires the health and nutrition industry to accurately pulse the market and the new demands of the industry, and as the front end of the industry chain, it is Bontac’s mission and responsibility to provide high quality raw material.

As a leader in synthetic biology industry, Bontac has been insisting on green production of raw materials and high quality output of products for 11 years. The raw materials NMN, NADH, ginsenoside RH2 and steviol glycosides developed, produced and sold by Bontac are widely used in efficient nutritional supplements, functional foods and health care products at home and abroad, providing clients with healthier and more sustainable choices.

Brand First: Biological Enterprise Concept Recognized by the Industry

During the exhibition, Bontac actively held in-depth discussions with famous enterprises at home and abroad, involving many fields such as product innovation, marketing and technical cooperation. Through the exchange, we strengthened our corporate philosophy of green biotechnology, better life, enhanced our understanding of market demand, and promoted the cooperation and synergistic development of different links in the industry chain.

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In the HNC, Bontac attracted the attention of many professionals, industry leaders and potential partners. The innovative health and nutrition product applications and one-stop solutions displayed by Bontac attracted the interest of the exhibitors and gained wide acclaim.

Lead the Front: Scientific Research Sharing Has Been Praised And Exchanged by Many Professionals

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On the 19th, Shuaiyin Guo, Senior Researcher of Bontac, delivered a speech entitled "Synthetic Biotechnology Empowers NMN Industrialization" at the 5th Nutrition and Special Food Forum New Compliance, New Technology, New Communication. In his speech, he talked about the application of key technologies in NMN production from the development history of synthetic biology, and the sharing of related professional topics such as DNA sequencing and gene editing drew many professionals to discuss and exchange. At the same time, industry insiders expressed strong interest and agreement on the application of AI technology to NMN strain development.

In the future, Bontac will continue to innovate independently, take manufacturing high-quality nutritional and health ingredients as mission, continuously improve product quality and market competitiveness, strengthen communication and cooperation with various links in the industry, empower the integration and synergistic development of the industry chain, and inject new strength into the industry layout.

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